MOV Recovery Software To Recover Deleted MOV Videos

Is your MOV videos corrupted accidentally or you carelessly deleted all of it? What should do in case of encounter these issues? Is there a way to perform MOV video recovery or to get all lost videos back again? Absolutely yes! The only you need is a perfect solution which can help you to recover videos and here you will find that solution.

MOV video is one of the most popular multimedia format that is by default used by Quick Time-wrapped files. It has a file container which is used for storing videos, animation, graphics, texts, effects, etc. with “.mov” extension. Apple Inc. has developed this file format and is compatible with both Windows and MAC OS. The unique and best feature of this file format is its ability to abstract data files from any media files. Due to this specific feature one can easily edit its data without re-writing media files. Although of these advantages, its vulnerability to glitches is also a fact. Sometimes this file format may get corrupted thus videos fails to open and your access to it is denied. However, performing MOV video recovery can easily recover all deleted videos.

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Reasons for MOV video loss

  • When attempting to change file extension.
  • Corruption in video due to virus intrusion.
  • Device formatting without having backup.
  • Malfunctioning of software or hardware.
  • If file transfer process is interrupted.
  • Forceful ejection of storage device.
  • Failure of storage device.
  • Accidental video deletion.
  • Crash of operating system.
  • Unexpected power cut.
  • Human errors.

Corruption or deletion of MOV videos results in its loss and throws unexpected errors if attempting to access it. But you must be aware of the fact that videos get not deleted forever from the device. It just seems deleted and still is hidden in some internal part of device. There is 100 % chance that you can recover back all the videos. But the forceful accessing reduces chance of its recovery and may also result in permanent video loss. So, the first thing you need is to take some precaution immediately after video loss.


  • Don’t use the device from which you have lost videos.
  • Avoid overwriting of free space with additional videos.
  • Stop further use of card for video transfer.

How to recover MOV videos

MOV video recovery is possible and can be easily done if you have a copy of backup. In case you haven’t keep the backup, then you have to use a third party tool to successfully get back your videos. MOV recovery software is the best one to solve the problem of video loss as it has the proficiency in it. The tool performs secure and accurate recovery without tampering the videos. The tool can be used to recover lost, missing, corrupt or deleted videos. It gives you the reliable and satisfactory solution without taking enough time.

MOV recovery software: Take a look on features

  • Provides user-friendly environment and has interactive interface.
  • Embedded with advanced scan algorithms.
  • Recover variety of multimedia files such as audio, video, digital photos, etc.
  • Supports MP4, M4V, WMV, ASF, 3GP, 3G2, FLV, AVI video file format.
  • Supports raw videos format of all digital devices.
  • Supports all file formats of Windows as well as MAC OS.
  • Restore deleted multimedia files from all storage media such as USB devices, SD card, Zip disk or memory cards.
  • Also compatible with all available digital devices including camera, camcorders, etc.
  • Doesn’t requires additional skills and perform recovery in few clicks.
  • Also performs cost effective MOV video recovery compared to expert recovery process.

Free Download Windows     Free Download Mac

User Guide Windows

Step 1:-

Connect storage media with PC then click on “start scan” button to recover deleted MOV videos.

Step 2:-

Now from the list of connected storage device, select your desire drive. Here you can also select advance scan method for customizing recovery process.

Step 3:-

From the list of recoverable files, select the file type which you need to recover. Afterwards, start scan process for recovering lost MOV videos.

Step 4:-

You can preview the thumbnail of recoverable videos before the recovery process starts. Here you are provided with a option to choose individual or all file to start MOV video recovery.

Step 5:-

In this step, software will list all recoverable videos which you can easily view.

Step 6:-

Taking help of browse button, select a location for saving these recovered MOV videos at the desired destination.

Click for Mac User Guide

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