MOV Video Recovery: Repair Damaged QuickTime MOV Files That Refuse to Play

MOV is a well known video file format mainly used for storing many multimedia files. It is used with many media files such as animation, 3D, audio , video file recording etc. Such files can also be easily transferred and shared and hence due to this feature it is mostly preferred by people. QuickTime player is built in Mac system which uses .mov to save their video files.

Inspite of being so reliable, MOV video files get corrupted and in turn result in corruption. There can be various reason responsible for corruption and hence such MOV files refuses to play on QuickTime. Some of the reason includes:

  • QuickTime error”could not open the file”
  • while converting MOV to another format
  • corruption in media file
  • sudden power failure while transferring files
  • unsupported media player

If you come across any of the mentioned issues, it finally result in inaccessibility of QuickTime MOV Files. Hence immediately start searching for a reliable recovery tool for MOV video recovery so that it can easily be easily played in QuickTime Player.


How to Fix the Damaged MOV Video File

MOV video recovery software can be easily used to fix the damaged MOV video files which refuses to play on QuickTime. It is inbuilt with advanced scanning algorithm to identify the and fix the error in MOV video file. Apart from damaged MOV video file it can also be used to restore other video file that is corrupt, broken MP4 file. Moreover along with scanning and repairing it also saves the video files as per user choice. The software also repair MOV files from various devices such as digital camera, cell phone, memory card etc. it support recovery of files from both Windows as well Mac versions as well. The video recovery software also display user the preview of the file before starting the recovery process.

User Guide: How to Use MOV Recovery Software

Step 1: Connect the storage media to your PC and start scanning the files by clicking on the “START SCAN” option.

Step 2: All the list of storage device which are connected get displayed. Then click on advance scan method for customize recovery.

Step 3: It displays a complete preview of the mp4 files before recovery. Then select the file type list to choose the desired file types. Then start the scan process to recover your lost MOV video files.

Step 4: you can also have preview of the recovered video files before starting the recovery process. You can also select option to select individual or all file to start MOV video recovery.

Step 5: When scanning process completes up, a list of all recovered videos files appears on the screen.

Step 6: Give a location in order to save the recovered video files. Hence you can easily get your files saved as desired.



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